Unpacking what's inside Shezz’ musical mind

I invited Shezz, a Recording artist, rapper, lyricist onto my show on May 19th. I really loved what He had put out so far. With only eight tracks out right now, Shezz has well-established who he is as an artist, what his sound is and what he sees in the future for himself.

Shezz and I spoke on he has music videos for his music really how early on in his career but also how it is close to impossible to not have music videos, active social meid platforms, content posts, or releases as…

For the most recent episode on my podcast, I got to talking about a Pakistani singer, pioneering an intricate/storytelling sound. The indie artist is gone by the name, Wooly and the Uke. Moreover, I got to speak to the creator herself.

May, 23rd 2021 we took a deep dive into what it takes to be an independent artist. What it means to Wooly, what are some of the behind-the-scenes we don’t get too much of usually but by growing aware of it, can further appreciate the art and the artist. The artist is setting new records for our nation and…

Singer | Visual Artist | Creatives

On June 3rd, I was joined by Gemini DJs to learn about who they are, what they do, why they do it, where they are going and where they started. The episode covered some of their inspirations in music, what their creative process looks like, and how they work so well or not so well together but more than that how they work out any disagreements and come out stronger than where they start anytime they sit down for a project.

About the Duo Group:

Gemini DJ’s is a duo group based in Pakistan…

The World of Graphics

The graphic designer has an active Instagram and an Etsy shop filled with stickers, bookmarks, and some of which are even customizable products. This young artist keeps her consumers engaged with YouTube videos and constant Instagram posts, creating a transparent strong relationship with her clients.

Het Patel is enrolled in Wilfred Laurier’s “User Experience Design” program.

She keeps her youtube channel filled with the graphic designing process of all the beautiful pieces you see and Instagram and can purchase on her shop over at Etsy

She’s everywhere! Tik Tok, Youtube, instagrame, pintrest, etsy https://beacons.page/alphabranded21

Khizer Rizvi A Young Ambitious Singer

If you are from Karachi, Pakistan, then this next guest of mine is yours truly. The twenty-year-old has immersed himself in the world of music from where it began, what it is, and maybe even pushing what it can be!

Khizer Rizvi has covered a variety of songs in Urdu and English, from your fun pop sound to a stripped-down, rich traditional feal. Rizvi expresses that he is a devoted learner of music, Now this doesn't mean the young talent can’t put on a show. He has played at several open mics as a singer and a guitarist. …

I was told to befriend fair and lovely creams. Told that bleaching my skin, only then would I win. Happiness? No. Health? Pff. But perhaps status, maybe respect, because only if I achieve fair skin, can I fit in.

Get white, get the guy. Scrub harder you’ll get the job. White face wash, bright body cleaner, fairness creams because I need to get clean. This brown skin has me drowning.

In the process of making friends with these brightening masks. I make enemies with my mind. Did my skin get darker because of the sun? We don’t want that, we…

Daring Dubstep in a New Direction?

May 15th, 2021, was when I sat down with Andrew, professionally known as Drecho; he is an EDM Producer from Chicago USA.

This upcoming mixer and aspiring producer had me in shock when I first came to know of him. My initial awareness of his work was when Daniel Blair (an arising singer-songwriter) had posted the selected winner of best remix to one of his songs from a contest Blair had held. Listening to the remix Drecho had made really does say much about the creative sound and vision he possesses.

Drecho, only a freshman in high school, has already…

Spoken Word: Sorry for my Apologies by Shanzé Raza

She: Why is it so easy?

Why doesn’t it hurt?

Why didn’t I see it coming?

I knew it was too good to be true

Had he left without me knowing?

He: I knew I shouldn’t have left

It hurts so much afterwards is this how she feels?

I should’ve given her time

This was so good, I could’ve made it work

She: I shoulda never fell for it

I should’ve just looked away, ignored

I should have loved myself

But instead, I loved an illusion. …

April 25th, 2021 I sat down to interview Zain Rao, a YouTuber, aspiring photographer, videographer, and former high schoolmate of mine. Zain is an 18-year-old Canadian who resides in the famous Toronto ON.

The young artist is enrolled as an undergraduate for Ryerson’s RTA media productions program. Rao went on to share his barely walked road experiences as a creative student.

Eldest sibling of two in a family of four. Being Asian there is sometimes an unwritten rule almost where there are expectations to pursue a particular career. …

On April 12th, I got to sit down virtually with Daniel Blair, a singer, songwriter, and producer. The seventeen-year-old is from South Florida, United States of America. Born into a musical family, to begin with, you could say, it was decided that music was the road he was going to walk.

Daniel Blair expressed his favourite part about the music-making process. “The thing that I love most about making music is being able to share it with the world and having people connect with what I put out.” (D. Blair, personal communication, April 12th, 2021). His least favourite just so…

Shanzé Raza

Born and raised in Canada, of Pakistani descent. Writing what’s right.

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