Discovering Drecho

Daring Dubstep in a New Direction?

May 15th, 2021, was when I sat down with Andrew, professionally known as Drecho; he is an EDM Producer from Chicago USA.

This upcoming mixer and aspiring producer had me in shock when I first came to know of him. My initial awareness of his work was when Daniel Blair (an arising singer-songwriter) had posted the selected winner of best remix to one of his songs from a contest Blair had held. Listening to the remix Drecho had made really does say much about the creative sound and vision he possesses.

Drecho, only a freshman in high school, has already released a single titled “Empty”. This melodic dubstep track only further states how talented and dedicated Drecho is.

Drecho went on to share more about the beginning of his creative journey revolving around producing unique sounds to him. We discussed what goes on behind the scenes, the struggles and triumphs, and what else our ears should be on the lookout for. Listen to the full interview on Youtube and Spotify. Also, be sure to peep Drecho’s socials for new drops.

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